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Live Chat Support

Maintaining a direct line of communication with your customers is a very important aspect to perform. The better your line of communication, the more welcome your customers are going to feel. The more welcome your customers feel, the more likely they are not only going to come back, but recommend you to friends and business partners as well. There are several different forms of communication and support service you can provide your customers. Manning a telephone line during office hours is helpful, as while many people are now going to look for other means of communication, some customers are still going to use this kind of communication.

Email support is another helpful method as well, but this is more for individual questions or long worded responses. To offset both of these forms of communication, you need to incorporate a live chat support service into your business. This way, customers can directly talk with you through an online instant messenger service. Of course, this requires someone to be on hand to answer these sorts of online chat services whenever someone messages, yet paying someone to perform these sorts of services is expensive, while taking one of your current staff members and assigning them to the chat service is going to reduce their overall productivity. Instead, you need to outside your live chat support service to One Contact Center.

Our Approach

Enable you to sell your products and services in a more effective way

A customer who has a question can directly ask and receive a response in only a few seconds. This way, they know what product is best for them and can move forward and purchase the best product for their needs. At One Contact Center, we believe that customers look for an “immediate response” to their inquiries and unanswered cases could cost your company a lot. Through our Live Chat Support, we can create a more personalized and faster approach which your customers will appreciate.

One Contact Center Differences

With the live chat support, your business is able to focus on manufacturing, selling and maintaining your business. Our live chat support will help your business focus on the needs and experience of your customers. We have a team of customer savvy staff who is thoroughly trained and educated about your product and services. They will provide your customers with well researched answers and professional responses in a clear, quick and convenient way.

Our Live Chat Support Handles:

Pre Sales Inquiries

Post Sales Support

Technical Questions

Payment Process

Billing Support

Package Tracking

Other Related Tasks

Below are the other benefits you will gain by working with ONE Contact Center:

Interact with customers who do not prefer emails & calls

Build trust and relationship with your website visitors

Improve customer confidence on your products or services

Involve customers besides informing them

Convert a site visitor into a guaranteed sale

Increase conversions by 50% or more

Reduce shopping cart abandonment

Why We Are the Right Partner For You?

Our experience of working with multiple live chat scenarios and commitment to provide the quick and appropriate chat replies give you the assurance that you are dealing with a reliable and professional company. In this highly competitive market, our live chat support would definitely drive more business for you.

Talk with one of our representatives today and let us further discuss the range of chat support services that you can use to achieve your project goals.

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