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  • Hi, my name is William Marsh, and I am the president of a busy insurance agency. One of the best resources in getting my business off the ground was my partnership with One Contact Center...

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  • One Contact Center is a very effective company to use for setting appointments. They will listen and take note on what kind of campaign you are looking for.

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  • Claire and the rest of the team at One Contact Center truly feel like they are a part of your company.

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  • One Contact Center online chat support services have simply transformed our business in what we do online and in person.

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  • We Are Partners
    Not Vendors

Outbound Telemarketing Philippines

One Contact acts like we are from another department in your company.

We Analyze

Our call center and outsourcing services begin with a thorough analysis of your needs. Whether it's inbound or outbound telemarketing, or other back office support services, we understand your desire for attention to details to deliver the best service to your customers. Our goal is to make a 360-degree analysis of your needs that will deliver the best customer experience. Our definition of high quality revolves around making your customers happy, and only that.

360 Analysis

We're not your traditional call center or telemarketing company in the Philippines. We don't look at your project as just another call center project. We look at all angles on how to best set up your campaign to provide the best customer experience. From outbound/inbound telemarketing services to email and chat support to back office services, we act as an extension of your company.

Constant Calibration

Our call center in the Philippines thrives on the philosophy that success is something you have to achieve on a daily basis – it's not a one-time thing; it's a continuous and recurring process. Even after we are able to get results for our clients, our services still focus on improving, and making good — better. We are not satisfied with 100% – we work on doing more.

Expertise in Inbound/Outbound Telemarketing and Call Center Services in the Philippines

Here at One Contact Center, we stop at nothing to ensure your inbound and outbound telemarketing needs are met with global standards and are fully operational in just a few weeks from the time you make that call for our services. We can offer fully customized and scalable inbound or outbound telemarketing services that fit your specific product type.

But we're not just about outbound telemarketing; we are also a well-established call center in the Philippines able to effectively carry out other back office support requirements such as email and live chat services. With One Contact Center, you have a partner who can get you up and running when it comes to all your outsourcing needs in the Philippines.

The One Contact Center Difference

As part of our commitment to provide world-class inbound and outbound telemarketing services and back office support from the Philippines to our global clients, we have invested in state-of-the-art facilities and technology that make our outsourcing services even more reliable and efficient. We are here to support your inbound/outbound telemarketing and back office tasks 24/7, 365 days a year! Our inbound and outbound telemarketing agents, IT experts, and elite project managers in the Philippines can seamlessly connect to your local office making us an integral part of your daily operations.

OUR LOCATION Call Center Philippines

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